At Royal Drywall, we bring precision and expertise to the field of metal framing for both residential and commercial projects across the Greater Toronto Area. Our team is highly trained in the latest industry techniques, ensuring that each framework we install is sturdy, straight, and compliant with all building codes.

Drywall Installation

Royal Drywall offers top quality residential and commercial drywall installation services to our clients throughout Greater Toronto Area. Our drywall installation services are performed at an exceptional standard and top quality. If you are looking for framing, insulation, vapor barriers before drywall installation, we can recommend our trusted partners.

Drywall Taping

Royal Drywall provides residential and commercial taping and plastering services all over the Greater Toronto Area. If you are a home owner or otherwise  have the property that needs taping and plastering work, whether if it is a basement, a kitchen, a bathroom, a full house, an office, or industrial premises that need to be taped, we guarantee top quality delivered on time and on budget. Give us a call or email us with your enquiry.


Royal Insulation offers top quality commercial, residential and industrial foam insulation services to our clients throughout Greater Toronto Area. We are trained and certified by CUFCA (Canadian Urethane Foam Contractor Association), and work only with the best quality eco-friendly closed cell high performance spray foam materials.


Royal Drywall provides residential, commercial and industrial soundproofing services in Toronto and surrounding area. If you are a home owner, general contractor or a business professional who who needs to significantly reduce the level of noise in on your premises, we can offer you the best results by combining superior quality of sound insulating materials we supply with unmatched expertise of installation by our specially trained crews. We use only cutting edge sound insulating technologies including Roxul Safe’n’Sound and QuiteRock Solution, proven to withstand the test of time, quality and durability.

For more details and cost of our drywall installation services please contact us.