Building Toronto’s Future: A Personal Note from John T. Galaman of Royal Drywall

Hello fellow Torontonians and esteemed General Contractors, John T. Galaman here from Royal Drywall Toronto Construction Company

Having grown up in this magnificent city, I’ve seen firsthand the incredible transformation Toronto has undergone. From the waterfront’s revitalization to the skyscrapers defining our skyline, construction plays an instrumental role in shaping our urban identity. As a key player in this transformation, Royal Drywall Toronto Construction Company is dedicated to crafting spaces that resonate with the city’s spirit. I’m honored to share that we’ve recently been ranked as the top choice among drywall companies in Toronto by THE BEST TORONTO.

Here’s why I believe we’re a tad different:

1. A Wide Array of Services with a Personal Touch: While we are adept at tasks ranging from metal stud framing to intricate drywall finishing, every project holds a personal story for us. The nuances, those slight angles, and the artistic reveals – they remind me of the first house I helped renovate as a young lad.

2. Tailored Solutions for the Heart of Toronto: Every building has its rhythm and character. Whether you’re setting up a swanky new office downtown or crafting a v in the suburbs, we’re here to resonate with that rhythm.

3. A Pledge of Quality: In this business, a handshake means a lot. I remember sealing deals with just that – a firm handshake. It symbolized trust. At Royal Drywall, we extend this trust into every nail, board, and frame. Our commitment is unwavering, irrespective of the project’s magnitude.

Royal Drywall at Work

Why Royal Drywall? Because Toronto Deserves the Best!

We’re not just another construction company. We’re a part of Toronto’s fabric. The city’s growth narrative is our story too. We prioritize:

  • Promptness: Your time is golden, and we respect that. Expect us to always be on schedule.
  • Excellence: We swear by quality. Our reputation over the years vouches for it.
  • Professional Yet Personal: Every member of my team is a testament to professional expertise, balanced with a personal touch that only a local can bring.

Wrapping Up

If you’re envisioning a project that mirrors Toronto’s spirit, I’d love to chat. Let’s keep building our city, brick by brick, story by story.


John T. Galaman
Royal Drywall – Where Toronto’s Stories Take Shape

Drywall Repairs That Can Definitely Save You Money

royaldrywall toronto canada Drywall Contractor Toronto

Saving money in the long run can be accomplished by a variety of home improvements. Repairing drywall is at the top of the list. How come? Home interiors are mostly drywalled. Children and pets are in every household, and accidents happen every day.

When it comes to any project, one needs to take one step at a time. As it turns out, our aim is to take care of smaller problems in order to prevent larger ones.

Having Your Drywall Repaired Is a Good Idea

Home improvement, maintenance, or repairs are one of the biggest chapters in everyone’s life. There are a number of things you can do now to avoid problems in the future, beginning with a roof inspection and working your way up to plumbing repairs and insulation installation by a professional drywall contractor in Toronto.

Is there any connection between all of these things and drywall repair, you ask? That’s right. Because damaged roofs and problems with drainage will damage your drywall.

We will therefore begin at this point, talking about how important it is to maintain your home.

Sometimes, you need to make a short-term investment to save a long-term one – for example, with emergency drywall repair, mold infestation, high energy bills, etc.

Make Small Drywall Repairs Today to Avoid Major Problems Tomorrow

Maintain your home by paying attention to areas such as cracks in the ceiling, damaged corners, etc. Damage can sometimes be more complex than “I scratched the wall by carrying a chair”.

Paint and compound may not be sufficient to fill in cracks. The best thing to do is to determine the cause of a problem. Especially if you are dealing with ceiling cracks, an experienced drywall contractor would be needed.

Drywall Repair Services Aren’t Just About Saving Money

Well, alternatively, you can patch things up as you go. Are there any common problems with drywall? Chips with corners. Holes become larger as they get smaller.

Tape is removed. Other times, problems arise on their own. There’s nothing worse than having to replace an electrical outlet and cutting drywall at the same time. Doing all repairs on time and right will save you money.

Even though it may seem tempting to leave drywall and painting services for tomorrow, it’s not a good idea. Even a small nail hole in your house will only reflect negatively on your home’s aesthetics.

Tape problems, however, could be caused by a wall that’s not stable. No sooner than a few months from now. Infestations of mold can adversely affect your health. Therefore, money can be saved in so many other ways.

Remember, as far as your budget is concerned, that you won’t be charged much for patching up a few holes here and there.

It should be noted, however, that service costs will increase according to the size of the hole. Do not ignore a ceiling crack when you see one the next time!

That’s when Royaldrywall® comes to play, it’s one of the leading drywall contractors in Toronto. Offering a complete line of drywall installation, taping, and finishing services in Canada.

The experienced professionals in Royaldrywall are skilled and well trained, able to take any big or small project, including repairing drywall holes of any size. They can make it look as if the hole was never there and can seamlessly blend in a new section of drywall or finish over an existing dry wall to get rid of “popcorn” ceilings.

For a full list of premium services that Drywallaid provides, kindly visit the services page, fill out the form here, or simply call 647-933-4402 to ask any questions you have about an upcoming project or to get a FREE estimate!

How To Choose The Best Drywall Color For Your Next Drywall Project

It takes only a small change for a big difference to occur. It is possible with drywall and painting services for that to happen. A paint job is the best option if your drywall needs rejuvenation. You can transform any room without spending a fortune or making substantial and cumbersome changes by choosing the right colors for each room. How to Choose the Best Drywall Color with your Drywall Contractor? How should drywall be finished to achieve the best results?

How to start a drywall painting project in Toronto

royaldrywall toronto ontario drywall installation

Checking the condition of your drywall with your drywall contractor is the very first thing you need to do, but let’s break that out to into more detailed and comprehensible steps:

  • You should first be aware of the condition of the ceilings and walls.
  • A whole room should be painted, after all. Once you have painted the walls, the ceiling will appear filthier if it is not painted.
  • In this step, you’re checking for imperfections and cracks that can be fixed. Consider if you have ever experienced flooding.
  • Make sure there are no nail holes on the surface of the wall after you remove all pictures. Your drywall contractor will let you know if the walls need to be repaired first before painting.
  • Once the holes and imperfections have been filled, you can hire a painting contractor.

In the case of new drywall, it’s best to hire a professional. This is because new drywall must be primed before painting. The experts can not only do the finishing job better and in less time, but also know what to do.

Interior drywall painting: which color for which room?

Choosing a paint color for a room is never an easy decision. The cost of painting a house or a business will vary based on the scope of the project. Taking into consideration your work environment is necessary in the latter scenario. With the use of warm colors, many modern jobs, such as interior design, architecture, women’s and baby products, and hairdressing salons, may appear very attractive and inviting. A law firm should have neutral colors, such as whites and grays.

Consider the amount of natural light coming into the room when planning your residential painting project. Considering both furniture and decorative items, consider the color and style of both the interior. In addition to the trim, you should take into consideration whether or not the room has wainscoting.

Unless you really like intense hues or extremities – like black – be careful not to overdo it. For a bright room, paint only one wall. Take into account the room’s size and height as well. Darker hues can be used in larger and taller rooms. If you use dark colors, the smaller and shorter ones will probably shrink more.

Consider color combinations before you hire an interior painter. Consider whether you would like the wainscoted walls to match the walls or to be in contrasting colors.

Lastly, there is the matter of choosing the colors for walls and ceilings. Keep the crown molding white and use a lighter hue on the wall if you don’t want to drop the ceiling.

Millions of combinations are possible when it comes to painting solutions. Consult a paint & drywall contractor in Toronto who has experience with the features of the rooms you wish to paint.

In Royaldrywall, we provide professional drywall services in Toronto, Ontario. In both commercial and industrial settings, we do also offer excellent drywall installation and repair services with our lowest possible rates, regardless of what kind of project the customer has. Our employees are highly skilled and experienced in handling all types of drywall work, including interior and exterior.

For a full list of premium services that Royaldrywall provides, kindly visit the services page, fill out the form here, or simply call 647-933-4402 to ask any questions you have about an upcoming project or to get a FREE estimate!

9 Things You Need To Know About Drywall Installation

When you decide on drywall installation project, the first thing you do is checking some local contractors, asking for quotes and hoping to find a good installer. If you do get a good installer to come to your house, the service fee may shock you.

Even though it’s not a rocket-science task, to do the proper drywall installation, taping and finishing is not as easy as you would think. With this in mind if you what to try and hang drywall yourself, there are some things to consider and keep in mind.


For a good results, make sure that framing is done correctly. Twisted or bowed walls studs will result in wavy walls.


Mark all of the framing areas. Knowing location of framing studs will help you with placing the screws correctly and you won’t waste time on removing screws that miss the framing. Use your marks as a guide. Just draw a light pencil line across the drywall sheet to help you to place screws fast and accurately.


Start your drywall installation project by hanging drywall at the ceiling first. Not to mention, this will help you line up your edges and corners of sheetrock easier.


Often people forget trimming the opening for the outlet before attaching the drywall to the framing. That mistake will cause the board to break around the electrical box, requiring extra time to patch. In order that won’t happen you need to carefully measure and cut out the openings in your sheet of drywall and then press it tight to the wall. Trim excess drywall along tight box edges until the drywall slides easily over the outlet boxes and finish fastening it.


Buy a good quality tools and screws with a proper length! Drywall comes in different thickness, consider that before buying screws. Also note, that need to buy a drywall screw gun, not a regular drill. It is a lightweight drill that is designed specifically for setting drywall screws. It has a way to lock the trigger on, so you can set the screws very fast without hurting yourself. Also it has a cone tip that holds the screw in place and sets the depth so that all of the screws are set the same.


To hold drywall in place, you should put screws in a sufficient quantity. The maximum spacing for screws in the ceilings attached to wood studs is 12 inch on center and walls. Screws and nails should be driven approximately 1/32 inch below the surface. Always apply pressure to the board with your hand, just before the screw or nail begins to recess. The board must be tightly pressed against the framing when driving fasteners, so two or three people would be ideal for this job.


The best temperature for drywall installation should be 13 degrees C (55 F) or higher. Drywall will expand or contract when temperature changes. The drywall installed in cold weather will expand 1/2 inch over 100 feet when the temperature rises to 22 degrees C (72 F). So be sure to leave a 1/8 inch gap between sheets to account for this expansion. That also goes for gypsum finishing products as well. If allow drywall finishing materials to freeze before they completely dry, the finish compounds can lose their strength and bonding qualities.

Humidity can also cause expansion of drywall. Drywall can expand 1/2 inch per 100 feet and become wavy. Excessive humidity can also cause drywall on the ceiling to sag. The force of gravity pulls the drywall down and it will contain that bowed shape. And if that happens, it cannot be corrected.


Working area has to be clean before, during, and after the job. Congestion of a mess and dust could hide dangerous objects and result in injury.


Last, but not least – make sure the drywall is properly attached! If not, you will most likely will experience problems at a later stage. The amount of clutter and time that goes into finishing the drywall, shows that you should spend extra time to properly install the panels. Often, people spend a little time installing drywall, thinking that the finisher will cover their mistakes. But they couldn’t be more wrong. Don’t let this happen on your project!

If the above sounds like too much, give us a call today and we will take care of all of that. Call us to get a free estimate and a fair price!

All about Drywall

Let’s talk about the best creation in the construction industry – Drywall. Over the years it evolved to a perfect combination of paper and gypsum. You might’ve heard its other well known names such as plasterboard, sheetrock or gypsum board. Drywall is a great material to work with.

Here are few types of most popular and helpful drywall:

Standard drywall.

First of all in our list is Standard plasterboard. These regular panels can be installed in any room of your house. Standard drywall usually comes in variety of  thicknesses: 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch or 5/8 inch. After a proper and professional drywall installation, you can do any desirable design with various products, including paint, wallpaper or wood paneling.


Moisture resistant or Mold-resistant drywall.

Another most popular gypsum board is Moisture resistant drywall or Greenboard. They are designed to meet safety codes and help to prevent your family home from a harmful to your health mold and usually installed in bathrooms and also basements.

Fire-resistant drywall.

For those, who already started custom home project, know that the city requires to install Fire resistant drywall. For even more protection of your home, it is certainly a necessity to install it in your garage, kitchen and fireplace room.


Finally, almost everyone has noisy neighbors behind the wall, not to mention an annoying street noise which gives your family a headache. In this case, soundproofing is the answer! By soundproofing a desired room or space of your home, you will prevent noise from traveling in and out. As a result you and your family will have many noise-free nights.

There are many types of drywall, we just listed only few of them. To make sure you have a proper installation, we certainly suggest to ask a professional to do that for you. Because by doing that not only you will save yourself some time but money as well. By hiring Royal Drywall, you will see how fast and perfect drywall installation can be. You also won’t buy materials in small quantities and pay the retail price, as we will provide materials by the wholesale price.

Ready to give us a call? Contact Us today for a free quote and a site visit!

Improved Soundproofing Options


To prevent noise from your lovely neighbors and a busy street entering your house or escaping to another room – Soundproofing is the best option.

Do you have a room that needs some special attention for soundproofing or you’re building your house from the scratch and planning which walls, floors and ceilings need to be soundproof? We bet you’re planning on placing wood or steel studs filled with Roxul safe and sound batting, MLV sheeting on the steel studs and double 5/8 drywall with green glue in between. Sounds complicated and expensive. But what if we tell you, that there is a NEW, CHEAPER and EASIER WAY to soundproof. Yes, it exists!


RefleXor, is a thermo-acoustic membrane made from 100% recycled polyester fibres laminated to a metallic film. Its membrane has a thickness of 0.039” and it comes in roll sizes 4’ x 50’. The RefleXor, which is light and easy to handle, offers a continuous and effective sound barrier that will help the soundproofing process.

To install it you will simply need to apply the RefleXor membrane on the first layer of drywall using T50 (or similar) staples leaving a 4” overlap at the floor, at the ceiling and at any other seam, with the gold side facing the inside of the room. Then install the second layer of drywall conventionally, once the gold RefleXor membrane is in place and it’s done, no acoustic sealant is needed! This innovative wall and ceiling system, which combine RefleXor, minimize the complexities of soundproofing while offering superior results.

RefleXor is also a strong vapour barrier with unparalleled soundproofing properties, as well as a barrier against the transmission of odours, carbon monoxide, smoke and the development of mould.

Sounds good to believe and need more information about this magical material, visit, there you can find more materials how to properly install and order it.

We’ve worked with The RefleXor at our last project and can confidently say, that RefleXor is the perfect solution for any interior wall structure, ceiling, or interior partition for all soundproofing and vapour barrier needs. It is definitely the future of a better and easier soundproofing.

If you are a homeowner and not sure how to handle it by yourself, you can always call or email us and we will provide you with a free of charge quote, and install it for you.